Something More (Live from Columbus Historical Society) #RemoteRecordings

from Live 2016 (solo) by Spring Owls



Come on now it's gettin’ late,
the fire will burn out if you don't feed it
and the smoke will smother a dream.

And a man that's hatin' is a man that's fakin' something more;
and a man that's hutrin' is a man that's yearnin' for something more;
and a man that's wantin' is a man that's huntin' for something more;
and a man that's healin' is a man that's feelin' something more.

Moments come and go so feel them,
the warmth comes from being closer
and perception is a metaphor.

And a man that's thinkin' is a man that's linkin' to something more;
and a man that's believin' is a man that's concievin' something more;
and a man that's hikin' is a man that's climbin' to something more;
and a man that's fightin' the chain that's bitin' is something more.


If you're looking for the truth, then that's where you'll find it.

Danger is real, but fear is a choice,
so if you wanna be somethin',
then just believe and become it
'cause a wise young man is sowin' the seed.


from Live 2016 (solo), track released December 7, 2016
Released December 7, 2016

© All music by Jesse Lacy.


all rights reserved



Spring Owls Los Angeles, California

Spring Owls is the stage and recording name of American songwriter Jesse Lacy uses to share his down-to-earth and reflective indie folk. His slice of life and distinctly visual approach to songwriting, combined with gently polished vocals, gives his music an undeniable relatability.

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